Coding assignment round

We at Invide maintain standards for the community through various screening methods suitable for every developer. If you are here, you are looking for assignment which can help you showcase your skills.

Here's how to start with the assignment

Step 1: Choose the assignment for the skill you want to showcase

Ruby-Backend NodeJS-Backend Java-Backend Python-Backend
Android-Mobile iOS-Mobile ReactNative-Mobile
Angular-Frontend Vue-Frontend React-Frontend

Step 2: Download & install Invide desktop app

Step 3: Start Invide app and click Start Focused Work in the app
Invide desktop app->Menu Bar->Actions->Start Focused Work

Step 4: Finish assignment in any of your favorite IDE available on your computer

Step 5: Create and submit the demo video as per guidelines

Step 6: Stop work

Invide desktop app->Menu Bar->Actions->Start Focused Work

And you are done!