Breakthrough Showcase Guide

Showcase your breakthrough to an audience of developers, entrepreneurs & researchers at the biggest online developer conference Git Commit Show


Git Commit Show, a unique online developer conference is hosting a breakthrough showcase session where developers, researchers & entrepreneurs will be demonstrating the technological breakthrough they have made.

The purpose of the session is to inform the audience about the latest breakthrough happening around the world to inspire and to provide a platform for the innovators to grow faster using collective wisdom & efforts

Curated by Git Commit Show organizing team.

Demonstration Format

It's a live online demonstration. As it is an online conference, you can demonstrate from wherever you are. We will connect through an online meeting software and you'll be sharing the screen or using webcam to showcase your demo.

You have all the creative freedom to demonstrate your breakthrough. Here are some guidelines which work for many.

Ideal timeline : 5-15 mins
Ideal demostration content structure: Following structure divided in 3 sections works for most of the showcases

  1. What is your breakthrough? Seeing is believing. Show it live in action so that the audience can see the proof that it works and not just a theory. It could be running on your local computer or somewhere on cloud, but show it.
  2. What does the audience need to know to understand the breakthrough? Briefly explain anything that an average dev audience need to know to fully understand the breakthrough. Remember, most of our audience is developers, and they would appreciated technical details.
  3. Where to go from here to learn in details about the breakthrough or the concepts? Link to research papers, your contact details or keywords to search for, etc.


I want to showcase, how to submit a proposal?
Record a demo video, upload it on youtube(make sure in privacy settings of video you select unlisted - visible to only people with link ) and submit the details on

You will be showcasing it live but we all know they go wrong many times, so do record a video(it doesn’t have to be a professional video)

Know someone who’d be a good fit for the showcase?
More, the merrier! Invite them by sharing following message with them.

Inviting developers, researchers & entrepreneurs to showcase your technological breakthrough in an international developer conference for Free. Hosting 5000+ developers across the globe, including the author of curl, Daniel.
Last date to submit proposal(for Season 04): Dec 15, 2022
Conference details:
Submit your proposal at
For queries, email at

Some examples of breakthrough showcases

  • Demonstrated by the conference editor
PlatoWork Indiegogo
Now live on Indiegogo: PlatoWork brain stimulator A wearable to optimize your cognitive performance – improve…
Plato Work, a device that improves brain functions based on tDCS

Note: Sometimes, breakthroughs are simple ideas or a knowledge discovery, but impactful.

I have questions
Reachout curation committee at

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