Developer Events Calendar by Invide

Developer Events and Call for Proposals sourced from all over the internet, now in your Google Calendar
Developer Events Calendar by Invide

All developers events and CFPs across the world in your calendar, updated each month/week by Human+AI

Never miss a developer event again

What is Developer Events Calendar by Invide

At Invide, we're excited to announce a Human+AI-powered Developer Events Calendar that enables you to stay informed about upcoming

  • Developer events - Any online/offline developer community meetup happening around the globe
  • Tech conferences - All major tech conferences
  • Speaking opportunities (CFPs - Call for Proposals) - Look for 🎤 in calendar

What information can I see in the calendar

The calendar conveniently displays all crucial events along with necessary information. such as

  • Event type (online vs offline)
  • Location
  • Direct website link
  • Direct CFP submission link
  • Submission deadlines
Calendar Showing Individual Upcoming Event

How convenient is it

It is available right where you plan your week or day. So you can effortlessly manage your schedule and stay connected with the latest opportunities in the developer community. When there are too many events in a day, they are collapsed with only few showing. When you don't want to see any events from "Developer Events Calendar by Invide", you can just unselect the calendar in your calendar sidebar and select it back when you want to see these events.

This is how it looks when added to your calendar

How much does it cost

It is Free. It is a community initiative, your contribution is appreciated.

How to get it

You may use any of the following methods

How do I list my event in this calendar

To add your event to the developer events calendar complete the Google Form available click here


Developer Events Calendar is a great utility for developers to stay up to date with the developer events happening around the globe. It can be a great tool to build your personal brand as a tech speaker, meet new people, or learn about new technology.

Also check out past events summary and detailed event announcements here.

Which developer event are you planning to attend this week? Share anonymously at Invide community forum

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