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Power of reviews

Power of reviews

Our brains change everyday. We can use this fact to get more things done via weekly/quarterly reviews.

Why waste time reviewing the week when you can use that time to get something done?

This was my thinking for my early 5 years into career as developer & founder. Investing time in hustling always got the priority than investing time in reviewing.

Investing time in generating new ideas, always got priority than looking at the ideas I already had.

I was doing review only when shit hit the fan
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I was unaware of the opportunities I was missing because of not doing a review. To explore,

I started doing a quarterly review

then I started doing a yearly review

then I started doing a weekly review

It took time to see things through but I observed major impact in life, thanks to reviews

  • I discovered solutions that my brain had found already but I didn't have time to notice. Including the best of my work. These solutions and so the opportunities would have been missed without the reviews
    e.g. One week, I learned about a new concept in algorithms. In weekly review, looking at what I learned, reminded me of an engineering problem at work which was critical but no working solution could be found at that time, this algorithm was an answer to that
  • I could restate the questions with an improved perspective which led to finding answers to those important questions about business and personal life
  • I could crystallize the knowledge that I gained by deep thinking otherwise that deep thinking would have been wasted
  • I could correct the course of plans with the recent learning and perspective
  • I could make more confident decisions by worrying less about the information I might have missed
  • The best part, I could rely on my knowledge & insights more(as opposed to relying only on the external or secondary knowledge)

With every passing moment, our brains change

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Every moment, we experience something, we learn something, our perspectives shift, we meet some new people, we encounter new ideas, our brain builds new neural connections to put us in a better position to "think differently"

That's why we need reviews to

  • Accelerate Understanding: Accelerate our understanding and learning
  • Apply Knowledge: Put our gained insights into effective use to solve challenges
  • Gain Better Insights(aka Connecting the Dots): See patterns in our life, in our environment

Do the reviews

You'll speed up by slowing down for a day