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Life in 2050 : There will be no offices

Life in 2050 : There will be no offices

Before imagining the 30 years in the future, let's go back to 30 years in the past.

The Past

1990, was the year when there was no internet, no worldwide web.  The world's first website was created in 1991 only.  Before that,

  • If you needed to send a message to someone, you'd write a letter, that would reach the other person after days or weeks
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  • If you needed to find a book, you'd go to the library and go through hundreds of bookshelves and you might still not find it.
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  • If you needed to make an important decision in your life, you'd depend upon the person who was near to you not the one who knows the best about the subject.
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Can you imagine yourself living like the 1990s for only a week?

The Present

Today the world has become smaller with instant video calls, online shopping, the world's information just a google search away. Well, you know 100 other things that have been changed, let me skip that part and continue to the future section.

The Future

In the next 30 years, the world will go through a massive transformation. The world will become a common playground for everyone. The boundaries of countries would blur and the concept of offices will become non-existent. People will work with team members from different countries just like they do now in one office, but from their own home or the new place, they decide to travel. It is not that it's not possible today but it is not the mainstream, just like the initial years of the Internet. It will become the default.

There exist two types of people and organizations -

  1. Who will lead this change and thus create a competitive advantage for themselves
  2. Who will wait for this change to become mainstream

Just have a look at the history, 30 years back. It is the time to take advantage of being at the right place, the right time of the history that we're creating together.

How you can lead this change

Invide is a community of developers started in 2016 to make that futuristic remote work culture possible, today. We have been working on technology that works today and researching on technology that supports this new world where work without offices becomes the default. Join us as a developer or as a partner.