Since 2016, Invide has been building products for developers and entrepreneurs to stay ahead in the modern remote work environment. Building great products that solve problems efficiently takes time, takes a lot of patience to listen to what users actually need, and do the right thing for your users. This simple timeline of Invide products will give you insights into the evolution of Invide products.

Looking back, the first thing that we did right was "to be bold enough to take the path of being 100% remote". In year 2016, you could count the # of remote companies on your fingertips. But it turned out to be a key foundation in the success of Invide. We got to work with the best people without the barrier of location.

We started with a simple hypothesis that to build great products, you need motivated and talented people. It turned out to be true to a large extent but there's more than "only great people". One thing we miss with the "only" word is that we need to enable great people to unlock their potential too. And to do that,

Right tools and coaching are needed to "unlock their full potential"

This is why we have been investing a lot in building products to achieve this goal. This wouldn't have been possible without the support and feedback of awesome developer and entrepreneur community.
We are thankful for that and with your support, we had been able to launch products that provide a trustworthy and fun online space to work together.

As a software company, we aggressively work towards providing you expertise for efficient and fun remote work. We want you to be in full control, our software/tools help you take off from the ground and maintain your ambitious flight in the digital world without crashing in the storms of always-changing technology, competition, and the work settings. Here's a quick overview of products we launched since 2016

Developer Diary

Launched Dec 2020

A desktop app for developers to become the best version of themselves by increasing the deep work ability

Screenshot - Developer Diary desktop app


  • Markdown supported diary to get things out of your head
  • Measure how much of your work is deep work and track progress
  • Shortcut to open the app from wherever you're on the computer CmdOrCtrl+Shift+I
  • Dark theme

Git Commit Show

Online Live Developer Conference

Launched Jun 2019 | World's first completely-online 2-day dev conference

Bringing all the benefits of large tech conferences completely online for free


Livestreaming on Twitch & Youtube, Masterclass session, Q&A session, Showcase session, Live entertainment session

Altmen - Matchmaking by Invide

Launched Nov 2018

Find people similar to your ideal team member


Find matching people based on personality traits and technical skils, alerts on new matches

Momentum by Invide

Launched May 2017 (Earlier called Flow, rebranded in 2020)

Building and managing team easily and transparently

Team invitation, team chatroom setup, payments, productivity analytics, developer profile, bias-free mode for developer profile, profile search, job post and matchmaking, assignment screening


Coach by Invide

Launched Jan 2017

Personalized nudges by chatbot for developer productivity

Greetings, guiding links for developers and entrepreneurs, productivity tips


Invide : Desktop App

Launched Dec 2016

Gateway to effective remote work. All work communication and productivity tools in one place. Helps you deliver your best and stay connected with team and community; simple, easy and relevant.

Native notifications, better control, no need to keeping a tab in browser open, lightweight, cros-platform(mac, linux, windows)


Invide Community

Launched May 2016

Chat for elite invite-only community of developers


This is all for now and there's more to come in the future. Get in touch with us via Website or Twitter.

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