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Accelerating accessibility in a component-based world: Hidde de Vries

Components have revolutionised the way we work, as they allow us to invent wheels only once. Executed well, they can save all of the team time. This provides an opportunity for broadening the impact of accessibility, too. This practical talk will go into some strategies for baking accessibility into components, so that more people can use them.

Git Commit Show Season 3 is proud to host Hidde de Vries who will be delivering a live interactive masterclass session on "Accelerating accessibility in a component-based world".

Who's Hidde?

Hidde is a front-end web developer and accessibility specialist. On his blog he writes about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and accessibility. As a freelancer, he helps organisations create fast, scalable and accessible front-end solutions for their end users. His clients include Mozilla, W3C, the Dutch government and the European Commission. He used to be involved with Fronteers, the professional association for Dutch front-end developers, organising meet-ups, workshops and conferences.

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