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Github Actions + Kubernetes : The recipe to Level Up your software development skills: Karan Singh

Every software developer wanders for developer productivity. What if i say as a developer, the only commands you would ever need to deploy your code in production are git commit ; git push. You heard it right, only 2 commands, let GitOps handle the rest. Kubernetes is the industry standard container orchestration tool. Github Actions is the best thing that has happened to GitHub since Git. What do we see in common here ? All of these tools are #1 in their category. What if we can use all of them to achieve 100% automated code shipping, giving developers some free time ? In this talk I will walk you through a live demonstration of how you can ship your lovely application code from your local machine to the kubernetes cluster running anywhere in this universe, fully automated through GitHub Actions. All of this is as easy as writing 1 2 3, trust me. By the end of this presentation, you would have a sound understanding of building a GitOps life cycle of your codebase on Kubernetes. All of these at no cost to you, we will leverage all free options available to us ;)

Git Commit Show Season 3 is proud to host Karan Singh who will be delivering a live interactive masterclass session on "Github Actions + Kubernetes : The recipe to Level Up your software development skills".

Who's Karan?

Karan Singh is a Senior Principal Architect & Developer Evangelist at Red Hat. In his role, Karan focuses on architecting and developing cloud-native composable solutions on Kubernetes. Part of his responsibilities is to enable developers and builders with rapidly changing cloud-native technologies. He holds a strong background in infrastructure, SRE, DevOps, data services, and data analytics. Karan is specialized in designing and building scalable and cloud-native distributed & event-driven systems and he believes that better software deserves better architecture.

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