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Creating a Personal Git Workflow: Ruth Ikegah

Getting stuck on a git problem can be very frustrating, even more annoying when you remember "oh I have been doing this for X years". We've all had Git problems and for beginners it can be quite a scare in taking the first step and understanding it gets better. This session aims to share my frustrations with first-time use of Git, introduce participants to Git, how to use Git and Best practices for a seamless workflow.

Git Commit Show Season 3 is proud to host Ruth Ikegah who will be delivering a live interactive masterclass session on "Creating a Personal Git Workflow".

Who's Ruth?

Ruth Ikegah is a Backend developer, technical writer, public speaker, open-source enthusiast, and a people person. She is interested in onboarding beginners into the tech system, especially the open-source space. She has been recognized for her efforts in the field of open-source for being a Github Star.

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