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Leveling up as a Dev with content Creation: Pachi Parra

When we choose to purse a career in tech, especially as a developer, we have to accept that we will be learners forever. New languages, frameworks, APIs... New jobs and challenges... There is always something we want or need to learn.

We developers are always read to level up.

In this talk, I will tell you how you can use our "forever learning nature" to teach others, give back to our communities and be better professionals, all at the same time.

How, you ask? Creating great content.

After this talk you will know Why create content, what to teach about and how to get started with practical steps.

Git Commit Show Season 3 is proud to host Pachi Parra who will be delivering a live interactive masterclass session on "Leveling up as a Dev with content Creation".

Who's Pachi?

Pachi works as Developer Relations Engineer at New Relic and is a Streamer and Co-Founder of Feministech, an online community for Brazilian women and non-binary people who share and learn tech with live coding.

How to register for Git Commit Show?

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