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List of companies hiring developers remotely from India, Full-Time

A verified list of product companies that offer full time remote jobs to Indian developers and have 100% distributed team.
List of companies hiring developers remotely from India, Full-Time
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100% remote jobs, open for all timezones

Update Jan 2023: Now we also publish new fully-remote developer jobs every week that are open to all geographies including India. We verify the authenticity and make sure they reach to you within the same day/week so you have higher chances of getting response. We're also hiring Javascript Developer & Machine Learning Engineers Developer Diary, join our fully-remote team.

Finding a full-time remote job is hard and it's harder when you are a developer living in India [UTC+05:30]. This post aims to make it easier.

Before you jump to the list, do you want to know how I prepared the list?
I started with the question

As a developer from India, what does it take to find a full-time remote job?

To find out, I tried various sources(AngelList, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, WeWorkRemotely, Glassdoor, Google, Company Career Websites, etc.) and looked at opportunities promoted as full-time remote jobs.

I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled on what feels like millions of job descriptions

then cross verified with other sources and then got the first-hand latest info from company representatives; I figured that even before skill match, you need to filter on so many levels that almost everything ends up in your "not fit" list and you start doubting if there are any remote jobs for you at all. Forget about skills, first, you need to

  1. Filter out companies that are reluctant to hire from India UTC+05:30
    This is mostly because of timezone or admin issues. But problem for you as a developer is that this info about timezone preference is buried inside lengthy job descriptions as can be seen in this job post from a leading company
    A job description where preference about candidate timezone is hidden in a long document

Extra read: A discussion on HN about biases in hiring remotely from India

  1. Filter out companies that use remote hiring as backup option
    On the front, these companies look like companies offering a remote job but they do not have 100% remote DNA. Remote is their contingency plan. If no candidate is found in their geography, they will utilize applicants from other geographies and the remote hires will be treated as 2nd class employees there.

  2. Filter out the fakes and everything else
    For every genuine remote job post, there are 60 posts which are one of the following: a scam, a position no longer available, advertisements posted as jobs, misrepresented as "Remote Only", etc.

But, don't you worry, there is hope

Some companies have understood the true potential of remote work and have consciously decided to make remote work, their first and only option. And the number of these companies with 100% remote DNA is growing every day.

Verified list of companies with 100% remote DNA

So I did the heavy lifting of the research to declutter and found some companies which

  • Have 100% remote DNA
  • Offer full-time remote job for developers
  • Product based IT companies
  • Hire from India [UTC +05:30](has substantial historical proof or interest in Indian developers)
Global product companies offering full time remote job to Indian developers
  1. DuckDuckGo - Privacy focused search engine
    Careers | Twitter
  2. Canonical - Company behind Ubuntu
    Careers | Twitter
  3. Invision - Digital design and collaboration software
    Careers | Twitter
  4. Automattic - Company behind wordpress
    Careers | Twitter
  5. Gitlab - DevOps lifecycle tool
    Careers | Twitter
  6. Zapier - Web applications integration and automation
    Careers | Twitter
  7. Doist - ToDo app
    Careers | Twitter
  8. Toggl - Time tracking tool
    Careers | Twitter
  9. Discourse - Open source discussion platform
    Careers | Twitter
  10. Status - Open source secure communication tool
    Careers | Twitter
  11. Mattermost - Open source messaging platform
    Careers | Twitter
This is a WIP, to get notified when new company gets added to the list, Join Invide Community. Help fellow developers and contribute to the list OR post a remote job here.

What next?

It took me a whole week to narrow down these 10 companies after rejecting 100s of potential companies which were shown to be a fit by other sources and this made me realize(again)

As a remote developer from India, it is almost impractical to find a full-time remote work opportunity, especially when you already have a day job. You research on 100s of companies only to find out that only 1 or 2 of them offer the opportunity for India residents

For now, you can apply to these companies on their careers website. You may share in the application that you found them via Invide or maybe not, it's up to you. But I am very keen to know

What frustrates you the most in finding a remote job and how can Invide help? I am reachable via email pradeep at invidelabs.com or @twitter

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