How to make social impact and INR 1Lac as Gatekeeper to a dev community?

How to make social impact and INR 1Lac as Gatekeeper to a dev community?

I know title is like the shady advertisements we see everywhere but how would you put it differently if it is really about social impact and you can make money while doing it, we believe that is the sustainable way of making social impact?

Notice: This post is outdated. We have stopped this reward in favor of other programs. Please contact to learn more.

If you're looking at this, you must have been invited by one of Invide management who found you to be fit to be Gatekeeper at Invide.

What is "Gatekeeper"?

At Invide, we do our best to maintain the standards of our developer community. The key to do so lies in the hands of people who have technical skills and the maturity required to identify people who match our community standards + values

Gatekeeper = Tech leaders who hold the gate for entry to Invide community

As we are receiving more and more opportunities for devs as well as dev applications, the need for more gatekeepers is increasing. As a gatekeeper you will be the person who will empower a talent with equal opportunity access, without the bias of location, sex or religion. Sure the money will help you buy all stuff you need, the "thanks" you get from people whom you help out is the most precious thing of being Gatekeeper.

John Lennon said "can't buy me love", we agree but being a gatekeeper you can have the money and love both

A gatekeeper is

  • Ambassador for the cause of equal opportunity
  • Moderator of talent joining Invide community
  • Mentor for young talent, they look upto you and want to be like you

Some Gatekeeper spend mins and some spend hours each months according to their own schedule, there's no obligation.

What's in it for you?

With just effort of referring some people each month, you can make big difference.

Being Gatekeeper helps you

  • Credibility as a tech leader and someone making a social impact
  • Connections with mentee who are future leaders of technology
  • Financial reward which you may use for yourself or social benefit

Responsibilities of gatekeeper

  • Find the tech talent who deserve to be part of Invide community and needs opportunity. Invite them to the platform for screening(once you know their email, it's simply a one click invite, everything else will be managed by Invide).
    You may use any platform of your choice to find the talent and connect with them(whatsapp, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, Angel or your network wherever you have reach).
  • Depending upon your reputation, you'll have limit on referrals you can make. More candidates get accepted, the more you can refer. We are transparent about our selection philosophy and the status of your referrals automatically tracked through your referral dashboard.
  • If a talent gets accepted to the Invide community, you get paid as per "Gatekeeper payout matrix" below

Gatekeeper reward payout matrix

Note: If you do not wish to receive the financial reward, you can donate the same to any of your favorite NGO or fund Invide Community itself

Achievement Reward
Candidate Joins Our Partner Company INR 50000/candidate
Candidate Clears Company Screening Assignment INR 800/candidate
Application Accepted By Invide INR 10/candidate
Candidate Submits Application INR 5/candidate

For e.g. Last month one of the Gatekeeper referred 70 candidates(application submitted), out of which 50 were accepted and 3 cracked assignment and 2 got accepted by our partner companies.

So in that 1 month, his earnings = 5 * 70 + 10 * 50 + 3 * 800 + 2*50000 = 1,03,250 Rs.

Get started
As we need only handful of gatekeepers to maintain the standards, we will soon stop taking request to be Gatekeepers soon. We make sure that you always know beforehand whether your efforts are going to give you financial reward or not.

Here's how to start

  1. Signup here
  2. Once you find a candidate matching our standards and have their email id, invite them here. On the same page, you will be able to track candidate status such as their invitation acceptance, Invide screening and our partner company screening etc.
  3. Initially you get a limit of inviting 10 candidates, based on the percentage of accepted candidates, the limit will be changed.

Top skill demand for Aug, 2019
People with any of these skills will have higher chances of getting accepted this month

  • Nodejs(2-7 yrs total work experience)
  • Data Scientist(2-7 yrs total work experience)
  • Ruby on rails(2-7 yrs total work experience)

P.S. We will reach you out once you start referring candidates to take care of payment and guide you through the platform. For any queries, you may reach out to us at friends at invidelabs dot com or whatsapp