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When does Invide application get rejected or accepted?

We dedicate a significant time to review each application, a lot of time to screen & identify a person's strengths, skills, attitude and cultural fitness for remote work. We get a huge no. of applications and we invest 40% of our organization's total work-time only on this task.

If you got rejected, you can be assured that we have gone through your application thouroughly. Rejection at Invide is not the end, it's as much valuable as acceptance. Before discussing what could be possible reasons for rejections, let me tell you how your life would be if you were selected. In the end you'll be able to judge yourself whether you're ready for such life right now or you need to work on something.

Inviders are vetted members of our exclusive elite community of developers.

Benefits of being an Invider

  1. Work with high performing people and teams, just like you
  2. Work on challenging projects that are on their path to make huge impact
  3. Get paid the best(in case of remote-work, get paid for each minute you work)
  4. Support from highly intellectual and skilled people
  5. Belongingness to a community, a culture which respects high intellect, knowledge and hard work (e.g. you'll find people who laugh with you on those memes that only a developer can understand). Use it to showcase your projects, get feedback and learn.
  6. Selected batches and people get starter kit, access to resources to help you grow. The value keeps increasing as you keep contributing to the community.

We help each other out whenever one needs, no matter what project are you working on or out there on a holiday.

Common goals of Inviders

While there are many common goals for each community memeber which revolve around personal & professional growth for everyone.

The lowest common denominator comes down to making engineering projects & teams successful. This common goal creates value for everyone in the community.

Each project and team's success matters and we give our best to make it happen. With the intellect of Inviders and well researched modern processes/tools, chances of project's success increase at least 3x.

Working on projects that succeed and working with people with growth mindset is huge benefit for every Invider.

It's not an easy task though, there are huge chances of failures(68%) in any tech projects. Which is why having a great team is absolute necessity, having people who are highly skilled and productive is absolute necessity. Which is why we look for people who produce results consistently. We invest in intellectual and financial growth of each Invider.

The kind of tech experts we look for, we estimate that the number of such people will be <10k worldwide or much less than that. Finding such people out of 18m developers worldwide is a huge challenge.

7 qualities of Inviders

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.”
― Niels Bohr

  1. Highly productive(at least 3x productive than an average engineer)
  2. A great attitude towards work and life
  3. Great work ethics
  4. Great problem solving and technical skills
  5. Has experience of taking products from idea to release
  6. Growth mindset
  7. Focus

To ensure your own growth, your foundation has to be strong. If we make mistake and select you despite the fact that you lack at any of the above qualities, your growth will be jeopardized. It will, because you jumped to things while what you needed was to focus on making your foundation strong. You will feel alienated and wasting your time with us. Rather we suggest you to introspect, plan to improve, build things, let your work speak for you. Come back to us after 6 months. We truly believe that

All developers are heroes the world needs

If you think, it was a mistake at our end, there are only two possiblities

  1. It was really a mistake at our end
  2. You need to raise your bar

Do let us know where we made mistake, it will help us.
At your end I strongly recommend to think about "raising your bar", let us know how we can help you with that, join our open groups to learn and raise the bar. Share your progress with us. Being rejected is not the end of life, it is a start for a great journey of yours. Prove us wrong!

Never settle for mediocrity

Looking forward to hear story of your journey soon. Whenever you're ready, request invite here.
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