Tips & tools to work from home

Tips & tools to work from home

Learning of our 4 yr old community of 15000 highly productive developers working from home

Update: Coronavirus has affected all the professional teams. Individuals' safety from the virus has become #1 priority; at the same time, work needs to be done to keep the organizations running. Work from home is the best option to achieve both. Many organizations including Twitter, Zoho, etc. have already made it mandatory for their employees to work from home only.

Probably you have already started or thinking to get started with work from home. "Work from home" can be more productive and fun than in-office if you follow these 6 simple tips

  1. Have a dedicated space for work - define boundaries between your work space and family space
  2. Communicate proactively - when you're working remotely, you need to communicate more effectively to make sure your team knows how you're progressing/thinking to achieve your work goals. Communicate more and be more transparent. Quick messages on team chat such as "hi, starting my work for the day" or communicating about status proactively even if it's not good e.g. "I didn't achieve today's goals, did some research on__" are example of an awesome remote team member
  3. Always be on time for planned team calls, even 2 min late is LATE and can impact team morale negatively faster than coronavirus
  4. Have some overlapping time with team - agree to have a fixed overlapping work time(at least 1-2 hrs everyday) with your team members so you can resolve those quick queries, brainstorm and move forward fast
  5. Decide your work timings, break timings and family time; communicate the same with your family members, clearly ask them to not disturb and wait till your work time is over
  6. Have an exercise routine - it can be running or workout at home or at gym. Do it for at least 10 mins everyday

Here's a list of essential tools for awesome "work from home" experience

Zoom for online face to face meetings

Google calendar to block your work and family time

Developer Diary by Invide to boost your productivity or team productivity

Calendly for scheduling meetings

Awwapp as online whiteboard for brainstorming

Community Update
2nd edition of Git Commit Show(world's largest online developer meet) is scheduled for
Jun 27-28, 2020
Daniel Stenberg(author of cURL) joined Git Commit Show 2019 from his home, Sweden
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