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#InstantHelpGroup for developers

Your personalized closed group to solve tough problems with discussion and pair programming
#InstantHelpGroup for developers

Helping each other grow with pair programming

What is #InstantHelpGroup?

While coding, we run into many problems and it slows us down. These problems can be solved faster with the help of external feedback/support. Generally known as pair programming. Even if we don't know the name, we all do it in some ways. When we're stuck somewhere even after searching for solution all over web, we talk to a friend, invite him over desk and show the problem and then we try to find the solution together.

When you're working remotely, how do you do the same? You do not have anyone available near to you. #InstantHelpGroup solves that, even makes it better.

As you know already, Invide Labs is a community of highly skilled developers. The community members have been helping out each other in solving problems quickly. This feature has been available for only Inviders till now. Now we're extending the benefits to few selected applicants as well.

How to get help?

  1. Request to create your own #InstantHelpGroup
  2. We create your personalized group. We select your group members based on skills & experience(upto 7 members) who can help each other
  3. Get to know your group members
  4. When stuck with a problem, reach out the group and invite someone for pair programming
  5. Say thank you and reciprocate

With Invide desktop app, getting help is as easy as pressing CmdOrCtrl+I. The shortcut focuses on Invide desktop app where you can post your request. To make the help instant, we expect you to keep the app open as much as possible while working.

How to help others?

We also encourage you to help your fellow group members. It strengthens your understanding, communication & teaching skills. Important things for an expert.

“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”
― Aristotle

Here's how you can help your fellow talented group members

  1. Keep the Invide desktop app open to get opportunities to help
  2. Engage with your #InstantHelpGroup members
  3. Respond to pair programming requests whether you can help out or not
  4. If you can't help or will need some time to help out, people will understand

Benefits of #InstantHelpGroup

  1. Be more productive: Move faster and meet deadlines
  2. Learn: Practice asking better questions and teach someone
  3. Relationships: Get to know talented people around the world
  4. Accelerate Invide screening: If you're active on #InstantHelpGroup, that helps us determine your passion for learning new things and helping others. It helps us take decision in shortlisting you for the next phase of screening process.

Opt-in to create your own #InstantHelpGroup here.

If you haven't applied yet to join our exclusive network of top developers, request invitation here.