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Successful self-publishing and the challenges of publishing a book: Hemant Rangan

In this Talk, I will walk you through all the challenges I faced in my journey of publishing my book being a first-time author. I opted for the not-so-conventional route of self-publishing and with it came a lot of challenges which we will be discussing to understand whether this path will be beneficial for you or not.

Git Commit Show Season 3 is proud to host Hemant Rangan who will be delivering a live interactive masterclass session on "Successful self-publishing and the challenges of publishing a book".

Who's Hemant?

Hemant Rangan is an IT professional with 21 years of managerial experience, turned interculturalist. Having led multinational teams over two decades delivering large & complex IT programmes and projects for Fortune 500 companies globally, he studied and gained deep insights into the intercultural psychology behind the work dynamics and decided to share these real life experiences in a book called ‘The Indian Mind At Work’.

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