Opportunity for HR professionals: Talent Acquisition Partner at Invide

Expires on Mar 31, 2019

If you're looking at this, you must have been invited by one of Invide management who must have found you to be fit for opportunity of being Talent Acquisition Partner at Invide. This role

  • Is a good side income source
  • Is a part time and a flexible role
  • Can be done from home

Role and Responsibilities

  • You will be sourcing engineering candidate as per requirements described management team(e.g. skills, salary range, experience etc.)
  • You will be sourcing the candidates from LinkedIn, Naukri, Angel and your network. You will be inviting them to our platform for screening(once you know the candidates email, it's simply a one click invite, everything else will be managed by Invide).
  • Depending upon your reputation, you'll have limit on referrals you can make. More candidates get accepted, the more you can refer. We are transparent about our selection philosophy and the status of your referrals automatically tracked through your referral dashboard.
  • Once you deliver the targets you will get paid a certain amount proportionate to the number of candidates you refer as described under "TA-Partner Payment Matrix" below.
  • BONUS: If one of your sourced candidates, joins any company through Invide platform, you will get a bonus amount for that as well.

Invide Labs TA-Partner Payment Matrix

Event TA Payment
Candidate Joins Our Partner Company INR 30000/candidate
Candidate Clears Company Screening Assignment INR 800/candidate
Application Accepted By Invide INR 10/candidate
Candidate Submits Application INR 5/candidate
Candidate Signs Up(Verifies Email) INR 1/candidate

For eg. Last week one of our TA-Partner sourced 70 candidates(application submitted), out of which 50 were accepted and 3 cracked assignment.

So in that 1 week, his earnings = 5 * 70 + 10 * 50 + 3 * 800 = 3,250 Rs

Get started

  1. Signup here
  2. Once you find a candidate matching our standards and have their email id, invite them here. On the same page, you will be able to track candidate status such as their invitation acceptance, Invide screening and our partner company screening etc.
  3. Initially you get a limit of inviting 10 candidates, based on the percentage of accepted candidates, the limit will be changed.

P.S. We will reach you out once you start referring candidates to take care of payment and guide you through the platform. For any queries, you may reach out to us at friends at invidelabs dot com or whatsapp

Valid only for candidates applying before Mar 31, 2019