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5 Tech Hiring Hacks

For a non-technical Person ,It can be quite a daunting task to figure how to build a product."With umpteen technologies out there ,How should i figure out on who to hire?", is a question we all have.
5 Tech Hiring Hacks

For a non-technical Person, It can be quite a daunting task to figure out how to build a product."With umpteen technologies out there, How should I figure out on who to hire?", is a question we all have.
Here are 5 Tech Hiring hacks which might be useful to you:

1.Know the Tech:"Wait..what?I'm a non-techie person, Man! How would I know any tech?"You would say. But it is your product too, I would say. I highly encourage to get at least a high-level idea about various technologies involved. You see we techies like to discuss the various process involved in building the product. A cornerstone of a good developer is when he is already thinking about the various processes in achieving the business goals you are aiming. Once a while, we might shoot some stuff which might be hard to understand.

As an initial non-techie myself, I always used to think it wouldn't be so hard to get a feature up and running because some other website had it already. However, when I started learning tech, I realized it is not as easy as it looks. Every Product is unique, and each of them has their unique set of challenges. Even the Me-too/Copy Cat Cloned ones. So its good to know what are the ingredients in the recipe.

We at Inside Labs will walk you through the entire process and give you the understanding of the process involved so that we remain on the same page.

2.It is Not the years of experience: If you are coming from an MNC background (like me), you would be very tempted to bet on the years of experience a developer has. However, I was in for rude shock. It took me a while to realize, as technologies evolve rapidly, some developers do not adapt to latest changes easily.

It is essential we look at the complexity of products the developers have worked on. I have found developers with 1-3 years experience do exceptional work

3.It is about Product's Personality: So you found Hackathon Ninja, you think would be great additions to your Tech team. Sometimes you would find that things are not happening as you wanted to. It's important that you gauge the developer's interest in your product. Developers do have areas of interest, and sometimes you might wonder why they are not showing as much as interest as you would like them to.

Just like your Product, you have to imagine the personality of your team akin to your business goals. Just like many a time, a team loaded with star players may not win the championship. The team loaded with star-studded developers may not always be ideal.

4.Attend Coding Workshops: Although I was a novice at learning technologies, I attended few advanced Coding Workshops, in order to understand the talent pool available. They provide a great opportunity to meet developers honing their skills.
It is during these interactions, I found a developer who was interested in the problem I was attempting to solve, and we got started the following week.

5.Pay First: I have often found that when I take the leap of faith after final shortlist, and pay the developer before getting work started, the quality of work turns out to be great. Once we develop an understanding based on trust and quality, things become more measurable.

The team can only be as excited about the work as the Entrepreneur is. So bring in all the excitement you have now, use the above tips and hire a Smart tech team to bring your product out to the universe