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Top tools and tips for developers - #012

Productivity tools and tips for developers. This edition covers a productivity tip for developers, a tool for accountability, a tool to listen to music while coding, and a code searching platform to save time while coding.
Top tools and tips for developers - #012

How was your week? Productive right?

This edition comes with more tools and tips to help you become a more time-efficient developer.

Table of Contents:

  • A code-searching platform- Silver Searcher
  • A time management tip
  • Listen to music while coding without distraction - musicforprogramming.net
  • A productivity tool for accountability: Focusmate

  1. A code-searching platform- Silver Searcher

Silver Searcher is a cross-platform source-code browsing tool that is considered one of the best productivity tools for programmers. This app allows you to find a piece of code within a file with thousands of lines of code utilizing time-saving features.

2. A time management tip

Avoid sunk cost fallacy

Spending excessive amounts of time on ineffective and small tasks. When you notice that your current activity is taking longer than you can simply accept, take a step back and consider how valuable the outcome is and how it will affect your progress.

3. Listen to music while coding without distraction - musicforprogramming.net

It is a relaxing music tool that uses a music generator to keep programmers focused on their work. Its user interface resembles that of a code editor. The visual appearance of the website will not differ from your working environment when you want to change tracks. As a result, you'll remain focused on your coding tasks.

4. A productivity tool for accountability


It can help you avoid procrastinating. It's a virtual coworking tool that helps you get more done by removing distractions. It's set up to help you finish the task while like a virtual partner, it keeps an eye on you. You have permission to start a video session with your partner to discuss your work goals once you've determined how much time you need to be productive. After that, you can see how human accountability can help you complete your tasks.

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