Technical Writer Fellowship - Get paid for writing on developers' online magazine

Technical Writer Fellowship - Get paid for writing on developers' online magazine
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Build your personal brand and get paid by writing for our developer community of 15000 remote developers. This program helps us discover the best technical writers for our community. You article will get published on our blog and the newsletter.

You will get paid INR 1000-3000 for each article. Here's how the complete process looks like

  1. Apply
  2. Write your first article
  3. We arppove/reject your articles for publishing
  4. We pay INR 1000-3000 for the approved articles
  5. Final three-month fellowship

Phase 1 - Application

Show your interest for participating in the fellowship program by filling out this application form. We want to understand how well your experience and the choice of topics align.

The topics must be useful to our audience of remote developers. If you don't have any relevant topic in your mind, pick one from the RFA(Request for articles) list.

Last date to apply - Aug 08, 2022 3PM IST
Result announcement date: Aug 15, 2022

Phase 2 - Write your first article

If you were selected in Phase 1, you'll be invited to create your author profile on our blog and draft your article.

Throughout the process, you can

  1. Get help on our discord server. You'll find the needed resources, feedback and answers to your questions there
  2. Join our weekly event to further improve your writing techniques and clear your doubts
  3. In the end, you will submit the article via email to

Before the submission, you should make sure that your article

Phase 3 - Get the article reviewed and approved for publishing

We will review your article and if needed, we will edit it or ask you to edit it. If your article meets our standards, we will approve it for publishing.

Phase 4 - Get paid for the first article

If you article is approved for publishing, we will make a payment of INR 1000-3000 based on the quality of your article.

If your article does not get approved and published, there will be no payment. The decision by the Invide editing committee will be final. We might not be able to give individual feedback due to the large number of articles we need to respond to.

Phase 5 - Final three-month fellowship

From the people who got their article approved in phase 4, we will select the ones eligible for the final fellowship program. The fellowship is just a repetition of Phase 2 to Phase 4 activities with weekly progress accountability. Rewards are multiplied accordingly. In summary:

  • Publish one article each week
  • Get paid INR 4000-12000 each month
  • Get support and mentorship to become a better technical writer

Join our discord server for queries

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