Notes on how founders can hire big by thinking big

It takes only few mins to hire perfect team member

Before revealing the trick, you need to know that as a founder, you have to always passionately protest mediocrity in hiring because

A single mediocre hire in the first five will kill the startup
-- Sam Altman

This trick is a tool which will break mental barriers, help you to think big and then give you all the resources to make it happen quickly.

I have seen that most founders already know their dream team member(someone you intuitively know, who'd be a great fit probably because you had some kind of history together). Whether they will join you or not is a different question but you know someone who'd be a fit if they join, someone whom you "will hire instantly" if they say "I want to join you"(e.g. Bill Gates saying I want to join you, would you deny).
Sadly many founders have given up on hiring that dream team member because of excuses

  • We don't have enough cash to offer
  • We don't have big office
  • There's no chance that big hotshot would join me, there is no chance that our goals will align

Are you sure? Low cash and small offices are the deal breaker?
Do you really know your dream team member's goals?

Other founders who haven't given up, most of them are going to get rejected soon(reality check).

Failing to convice that perfect person, founders go on to find people by creating a robot like criterias for humans, and then fail at finding that perfect robot err, human.
It doesn't have to be this way. Solution is simple when you look at it from the right perspective.
Let's say your dream team member is "James Bond"(you must be thinking big here), there are two things you can do right now

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1. Make an offer to James Bond right now


Most of the times, you don't need to go looking around to hire someone, you already know the perfect person, except you know that they won't join you with what you have for offer.
No worries, still make an offer, be honest, transparent and focus on human part of the offer not just the deal($$). If it works out by any chance, thank your luck and your attitude of thinking big, it worked.
If you get rejected, no worries, you still get two things

  1. Feedback which can be useful building team and the business
  2. Help/references from the person(they are more likely to help you out after they had to reject your offer)

If you got rejected, move on to the second part of the equation

2. Find alternatives to James Bond

Got rejected? Find someone who is exactly like your dream candidate in one click with "Invide Matchmaking"

Invide Perfect Matchmaking ("alternative to James Bond")

This utterly simple utility helps founders define, visualize their dream team member, put things in perspective, find the perfect match automatically using AI(trained over 12m records of proprietory work behaviour data) & human intelligence(our expertise).


  • AI assisted and human verified profile(1 profile every week)
    • 533 machine verifieable data points
    • 74 human verifieable data points
  • Crawls 1000s of websites for information that empower you to take good decisions
  • AI powered background check

How It Works

  1. Think of your James Bond Someone who's the best match for your project/startup but they are hard to get. Think big. Think of someone you know personally.
  2. Think why your James Bond fits Why your James Bond is a fit and what does a better version of your James Bond look like?
  3. People similar to your James Bond Get suggestions of people similar to your James Bond. Connect with them.

Try it out here, takes only couple of mins and return is huge