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Building habits for success in life

Building habits for success in life
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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle

Habits are one of the important keys that define our success, and what we achieve daily. We perform them even without being aware of doing it. Like regularly checking up on your phone, brushing your teeth, having coffee/tea early in the morning, and so on. What if we try to implement and inculcate such behaviors in our day, that helps us be more productive therefore leading to more achievements in life. Leading to success.

There has been a lot of research in the area of Habit Building and how we can try to improve our daily habits or create new habits to help us achieve our goals. Here are a few steps I have shared that can help you to identify and develop habits.

Goal Setting (Image by Estée Janssens on Unsplash)

1. Goal Setting & Purpose: Before developing any habit, we must create a goal to have a start and an end in mind. Your daily actions need to be based on your own vision and deep passion. The most successful people have a much greater purpose than their deep-burning success.

2. Schedule the Habit: Just like we brush our teeth in the morning, and have coffee. Similarly, our habits need a routine that allows us to provide structure to the day and the tasks ahead. This step is very important because the success of habit formation depends on how much time you dedicate to achieving your goals. It is a schedule that makes you develop a new habit.

3. Reward yourself after completion: To make yourself stick to the process of habit-building reward is very important. Just like you feel amazing after eating a cupcake, your rewards should make you feel great after performing that habit. Incorporating in your mind that performing this one task will lead to rewards, henceforth motivating us to do it.

4. Challenge yourself: There is always room for growth and personal development. Being successful and reaching new goals means moving forward. That means you always have to learn.  Whether it's doing something you once feared, taking on a new challenge, or learning a new skill, working out daily. Make sure that you push yourself towards your goals.

Challenge Yourself by doing the hard things. (Photo by @speckfechta on Unsplash)

5. Ignore your temporary emotions: If you always rely on your emotions to do anything in your day-to-day life, then you’re setting yourself for failure. Emotions are like waves, they keep changing your mood from positive to negative, and just like that they take away the power to perform with them. Sometimes, every now and then you will find yourself motivated and happy to start, then suddenly motivation dips and you’re not feeling like it. This is a recipe for disaster. Ignoring emotions is what helps people get out of the procrastination loop.

6. Reassess yourself every now and then: Some habits help us at certain stages of the journey, but not all habits are necessary along the way, so it is possible to abandon them and introduce new, more effective habits. Accept it and re-evaluate whenever necessary. Be open-minded when reviewing your habits as to what to remove and what to inculcate next. This is a very important part of building yourself for success.

7. Stick to things for some time: Many times, we face failure on our road to success. You will make mistakes in life and fail at some things. You may not be able to form some of these good habits. However, you must develop the habit of seeing every setback, obstacle, and mistake as an opportunity to learn. So, keep on working on yourself even if the results fail to show up, be grittier and keep on working on your habits for a bit more time, improvement is right around the corner, it’ll be yours if you’ll stick with it for some more time.

Stick to things, and work with grit. (Photo by Kyle Gregory Devaras on Unsplash)

Don’t try to go from zero to 100 at once, start small. Motivation will kick in when you just start. Find something to do to move toward your goal, no matter how small. If you keep repeating that every day, motivation will find you, and eventually, success will follow!

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