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Top tools and tips for developers - #014

Productivity tools and tips for developers. This edition covers an application to adjust the brightness of your display, a programming tracker to boost productivity, a productivity tool for teams, and the 1-3-5 principle.
Top tools and tips for developers - #014

One of the best productivity tools available in the market is Dev Diary. It enhances your deep work ability, provides productivity analysis, and offline note-taking with mark-down support. It is an overall progress tracker.

A screenshot of full productivity analysis on Developer Diary by Invide

Table of Contents:

  • An application to help you take care of your eyes: F.lux
  • Programming Tracker to Boost Productivity: WakaTime
  • A Productivity Tool for Teams: HeySpace
  • A Productivity Tip for Developers: 1-3-5 Principle

1. An App to Assist You in Taking Care of Your Eyes: F.lux

Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos / Unsplash

Because developers spend so much time staring at screens, they must take care of their eyes. For this purpose, there is a tool that automatically adjusts colors based on the time of day and your location.

F.lux allows you to adjust the color temperature of your display to help your eyes relax and work more efficiently.

F.lux is set to make your work environment more pleasant and to protect you from the harmful effects of poor screen lighting, similar to sunset and sunrise.

2. Programming Tracker to Boost Productivity: WakaTime

WakaTime is an open-source plugin that keeps track of your programming time for you. Developers can identify bottlenecks in their projects, measure coding, and improve productivity thanks to WakaTime's insights.

The plugin detects developers' actions with languages, projects, and branches while they work in the code editor, resulting in weekly metrics reports. Setting email reminders and sharing goals with teammates for accountability is possible with the goal-setting feature.

Key Features:

- Setting objectives

- Automatic monitoring

- Detailed analysis

- Private leaderships

3. A Productivity Tool for Teams: HeySpace

  • HeySpace is a kind of hybrid of Trello and Slack.
  • HeySpace is an all-in-one tool for organizing your work, getting transparent control over your project, chatting with your team, and simultaneously seeing a board with your task. This tool stands out from the crowd because it is easy to use and navigate, with a modern and friendly user interface.

4. A Productivity Tip for Developers: 1-3-5 Principle

According to the 1-3-5 principle, you should commit your time to 1 big task, 3 medium tasks, and 5 small tasks every day.

This way, you can ensure that most of your tasks for the day are fulfilled.

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