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Apply to these top remote jobs to continue enjoying WFH & more — This week at Invide (Week 23, June Edition)

Apply to these top remote jobs to continue enjoying work from home, flexibility. Work on your side hustle or just relax. Continue reading to know more ...
Apply to these top remote jobs to continue enjoying WFH & more — This week at Invide (Week 23, June Edition)
This week at Invide (Week 23, June Edition)

Hello Developer!

Notice one morning you wake up and see this in your mailbox, "Changes in work policy, work from the office starting soon!"

Panic strikes and you are thinking all the work-life balance, workout sessions, cooking, and pursuing your passionate hobbies are going in great. But when work from the office starts, things will get different.

Wake up at 6 AM, hit the road by 8 just to reach the office by 9 AM and then the regular, mundane 9-5 work week starts. And yes, this do takes a toll on your mental wellbeing and productivity. Control of your life goes out from you to your office and work. You feel less productive and spend more energy doing the same tasks.

Just to tackle the Post Pandemic Life woes and how you can be more productive we had a session on "Post Lockdown Life of Software Developers" during our weekly community meetup which happens every Thursday.

The main goal was to improve while being where ever we are and with whatever means we do. But that's not all if your company is forcing work from the office while you don't want to.

Here are some top 100% remote jobs which allow amazing pay and amazing work-life balance.

Top 10 remote developer jobs of this week - #015
This is the roundup of the fully-remote developer jobs posted in the communitydiscord server [https://discord.gg/QYWNJGfgKp] this week.We verified these jobsto ensure that they are authentic, 100% remote(work from home), and new(postedthis week) 1. Senior Backend EngineerExperience : 7 Years…

Yes! On top of that, here is one amazing talk on Functional Programming which happened during Git Commit Show.

Functional programming skill for effective problem solving in programming
In this Git Commit Show talk, Eric Normand shared insightful answers to questions such as: how to get started with refactoring your code for functional programming, how to deal with dependencies while following a functional programming style, how to simplify, etc.

Thanks a lot, dear developer! For checking in with Invide once again! We're going to have a community talk on "Career as a Developer Advocate" on our Discord Server.

When? Thursday, 9th June 2022
Time? 1530 UTC | 2100 IST.
Where? Invide Discord Server

See you there!