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Developer Diary is now available as paper notebook

Developer Diary is now available as paper notebook
Wrap your day, learn from it

A purposefully made journal for engineers

Start the powerful habit of journaling now with Developer Diary

We are happy to announce the launch of physical version of Developer Diary - A journal for developers to think with more clarity.

We chose this time of new year to launch this product as many of the developers in the community are reflecting back on their year 2023 and planning the next leap of their self-improvement journey in 2024.

Self-reflect on your 2023 and start 2024 with powerful habit of journaling

Check out product details page for more details.

Read along to learn why we are launching Developer Diary as a paper notebook

Start your 2024 with more clarity

We at Invide, made this journal for engineers with a purpose to help in thinking with more clarity and deal with the challenges of remote work and life with a smile.

This is a perfect time to start your habit of journaling by reflecting back on 2023 and plan your 2024 using Developer Diary. Many developers loved our digital version of Developer Diary, but some of us just love the feel of writing using good old pen and paper.

So we picked the best combination for that writing experience - 256 pages of high quality 120 GSM white blank papers; a hardcover to make it a companion for a long time; a sleek black cover to inspire you to come back to journaling after each time you miss. We understand that we all will have days when we won't be able to journal but the design and the community will inspire you to come back to it. And that's what matters.

So after months of our team's hard work in finding the high quality resources, the partners we can rely on, and of course nitpicking on seemingly tiny things, we are here. We wanted to make this a notebook which inspires our developer community to journal every single day, and we are happy with the result.

And remember, this is just v1. By the time you finish this notebook, we will have something even better than what we have today. More about this at the end of this article.

Buy now and start journaling

Let's understand the fundamentals of journaling

Why developers should write a journal

If you're not writing, you're not thinking

Journaling is a powerful habit to bring a big difference in your work and personal life. Writing diary helps you:

  • Think clearly
  • Really switch off from work
  • Preserve life lessons
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Strengthen discipline
  • Solve really hard problems
  • Document work achievements for performance appraisals

While we can go on about the list of things that journaling impacts but from a developer perspective the #1 benefit I have experienced due is that I was able to solve some really hard problems. As we learn from our experiences and can actually preserve those lessons and can effectively answer the questions we earlier didn't have answer, can effectively solve a problem seemed impossible to solve when we were journaling about the problem earlier. If I had not journaled those questions, those problems, those ideas, I might have simply missed applying those insights. The key idea why we are able to solve hard problems through journaling is because:

Every day, our brains change a little

We form new connections, learn new things, and see the world differently. It might not seem like a big deal day-to-day, but over weeks, months, and years, these small changes add up. We grow smarter, to the point where we can look back and say to our younger selves, "Hey, it's not that hard. Here's how you do it."

For developers, keeping a journal can be a game-changer in this process. Writing down your daily experiences, challenges, and ideas helps you track your growth.

It's like debugging your brain: you spot patterns, work through problems, and come up with solutions you might not have seen before.

Over time, your journal becomes a collection of insights and solutions, making those tough engineering problems a lot easier to tackle.

Digital vs Physical diary

Both have their pros and cons and which is why we offer both digital as well as physical version of Developer Diary.

Physical diary is good for unstructured free-flowing writing with the maximum creative freedom and no distraction.

Digital diary is good for writing something private that can be easily searched, backed up, and transferred to some other form of writing or creation.

We see many developers in the community maintain both a digital as well as a physical diary. While some others just stick to either the digital or the physical diary. In any case, most of us agree that paper notebook is the easiest way to get started with the journaling.

How should developers be writing a diary

Let's discuss some journal ideas for developers to get you started. The journal is a blank canvas for your curious brain to dump your thoughts and ideas so you have the mental power to do the next level of thinking. You may write abou what you learned, you may write about the unanswered questions from the day, you may write about how you feel, write about whom you met, etc.

Some prompts for you to get started:

  • Today, I feel…
  • Today, I met…
  • Today, I learned..
  • Today, I worked on…
  • I'm seeking answers to…
  • Today, I achieved {a work achievement}...
  • My plan to solve {an engineering challenge}…
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Developer Diary features

  • 120 GSM
  • 256 unruled pages (2^8)
  • Size 148mm x 230mm

No calendars, no boundaries

Your journey, your way. No pre-set days or calendars – only freedom to document your coding/life adventures without constraints.

Effortless navigation with ribbon bookmark

Never lose your place. Our built-in ribbon bookmark ensures you're always on track, ready to pick up where you left off.

High-Quality, no ink bleed-through

Delight in the luxury of high-quality 120 GSM pages without worrying about ink bleed-through. Your thoughts and code, presented with clarity.

Buy now and start journaling now

Buy now and start journaling