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Year in review 2022 for Invide Remote Developers community

It's the end of 2022 and we're recapping the best of what happened this year in the community. Join us and see what's going on within the community.
Invide Developer Community's Year in review 2022
Year in review 2022
Invide's Year in Review 2022.

Well, 2022 was an exciting year at Invide. Right after Git Commit Show - Season 03 ended on the Nov 28, 2021. The core team knew that we can give more to the community. In addition to our invite-only developer community that has been growing since 2016, we started a new Remote Developers Community on Discord that is open to everyone. This blog is about our progress in building this open community.

Recap of Invide Remote Developers Community
A quick summary of what we did during 2022. 

Here's a song that describes our spirits very well.

Getting higher, higher, higher
We keep looking up
Higher, higher, higher
But we're still not high enough
Higher, higher, higher
We keep looking up
Higher, higher, higher
But we're still not high enough

~ Higher by Sigma & Labrinth

Invide's mission: Cultivate the best remote developers community

The question is, "Can less skilled people have a better career than more skilled ones just because of their location?"

Location should not be a barrier in oppotunities; skills &  commitment must be valued over location

Are the best people out there, who solve significant problems live/lived in the same city, country (or even the continent)? So why should it be that only people living in the vicinity or in the same town should get the best opportunities?

That's why our aim is to promote remote work, remote talent and remote jobs based on skills & to nurture a global community of top developers who lead and to do that with 100% inclusion

So, following this, we started in January with our very first event on Open-Source Development with SuperTokens. Where the co-founders joined in and shared their insights on building the software, with a remote team, how open-source software works & more.

With this, we kickstarted our Weekly Meetups at Invide where we share insights, discuss a technical topic and then hang out. Also, we focus on resume reviews, LinkedIn profile reviews, and GitHub profile & project reviews as well.

Weekly Meetups at Invide

This was one of the ways we planned to give back to the community, and we all are having our weekly dose of information and fun while doing so.

Not just this but we're also exploring cutting-edge things in detail out there with our community. Especially taking this month's (December) hype around ChatGPT. We explored how it can be used, where it lacks, and what would be possible applications of it in the near future.

Enjoying during our Chat on ChatGPT event.

Sharing the same insights in this blog post as well.

How developers are using ChatGPT? We asked Invide community
Developers are utilising ChatGPT to improve their productivity by using it to review code, generate code boilerplate, test cases, and more. Find out different creative ways found by Invide community developers

Invide Initiative: Technical Writer Fellowship

Planning out our community-only event, which was to promote technical writers and technical writing. We started with our Tech Writer's Fellowship program which got an amazing response. From over 100 people who submitted their applications during phase 1. 15 writers were short-listed for phase 2.

This was such an amazing event, not only for the participants but also for those who eye such content and want to understand how to get started with technical writing.

Not to mention the huge amount of diverse applicants we've got during that time speak about our community itself.

Announcing the phase 1 results of the Technical Writer Fellowship

100% remote job board to share remote developer jobs

We got the latest 100% remote developer jobs every single day and shared it with our community. We verified each and every job to ensure they are genuince and are 100% remote. So that everyone who has the relevant skills can apply and move ahead with a remote developer career.

Finding remote jobs is hard, that's why developers join Invide
Finding remote jobs is hard, that's why developers join Invide
100% remote jobs board at Invide

If you want to get behind how we select remote jobs, then you should take a look at this week's latest remote job roundup.

Top 10 remote developer jobs of this week - #044
Remote Software Engineer jobs from Neptune.ai, Burnt, IOV Labs, TRM Labs, Subspace Labs, Robusta Dev, Pinterest, Neon, Assembly.ai & Uniplaces

Focusing on increasing our productivity as developers

Being productive is really necessary to get the work done on time, have time for corrections and then leave the workplace early. This is really important for all the professions out there, and also for developers.

We take care of this by providing the best resources, ideas, and tools to the community in the form of blogs & sometimes on the weekly meetups. Our core team members take care of this especially as we do the research, ask the community members, and then bring out the best ideas, tips & tricks for the community.

If you really want to dive in deep, I suggest that you check out the productivity section of our blogs.

Some of the blogs available one productivity at Invide.
Become an efficient coder before 2023
There is a huge demand for productive engineers. Not only are they able to code faster, but they also write high-quality code. Read this blog to learn about how to become an efficient coder.

All while doing this, this new open community has grown up from 500 developers to over 4400 developers, from all over the world. And this speaks that developers love our community, our commitment, and our mission very much, and this keeps us motivated to do more for them in return.

Invide's Remote Developer Community on Discord.

Community learning initiative - 100 Days of Code

Well, we started 2022 with 100 Days of Code on GitHub which also received an amazing response.  With over 600+ commits generated by our community members, we learned JavaScript, Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Structures, practiced Algorithms, and much more stuff.

Our aim was to learn in public, practice basic Git & GitHub hands-on, and be consistent with it. And it was an amazing learning experience for all of us.

Some of our contributors for 100 Days of Code. 
GitHub - Git-Commit-Show/100-Days-of-Code: 100 Days of Code Learning program to keep a habit of coding daily and learn things at your own pace with help from our remote community.
100 Days of Code Learning program to keep a habit of coding daily and learn things at your own pace with help from our remote community. - GitHub - Git-Commit-Show/100-Days-of-Code: 100 Days of Cod...

Developed tools to stay productive

At Invide we're also building tools that can be helpful for developers to achieve profound productivity faster. And work in the flow state, and just for that, we have our Developer Diary.

Developer Diary brings clarity and insights to reach the Flow state faster.

Developer Diary by Invide
Developer Diary by Invide

Developer Diary is a minimalistic offline journaling app for developers inspired by "Deep work" by Cal Newport. It is an amazing tool to support you in your Flow state. When you are working on your coding problem and remember to note something down, you can use a simple shortcut (`⌘+Shift+I`) to open the app and start journaling.

Developer Diary also provides AI-based insights that help developers like myself understand how much time are we investing in "Maker Mode"(creative work) compared to the time in "Manager Mode"(communication and administrative work).

Celebrating victories

While doing all the above, we had some amazing breakthroughs with our community members. Who achieved amazing feats with the help of our community & support.

  • We helped our community members find developers & co-founders for their startup
Big achievement for the community 🎉
  • We helped community members find remote jobs. For example, a community member transitioned from the field of teaching to becoming a software developer. His transition inspired all the community members. There are many such stories, and people share them during community meetups. How they achieved, and how this community has helped them.

In conclusion.

2022 was an action-packed year for us. From resume reviews to remote jobs, Git & GitHub to LinkedIn profile reviews, and Web3 to Backend development. We're covering it all, and the community's strength speaks for itself.  

We're looking forward to 2023 for another action-packed adventure.  To join us in the adventure,

Thanks a lot, for being there with us 💖

Thanks a lot!