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How to undo? | This Week At Invide (Week 43, Oct 22)

How to implement undo feature in your application? This week's design pattern - Memento solves this specific challenge. To learn more about this and learn what else happened this week at Invide, read on...
How to undo? | This Week At Invide (Week 43, Oct 22)
This Week At Invide (Week 43, Oct 22)

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Table of contents
🔶 Use the Memento Design Pattern to create "Undo" Feature
🔶 Upcoming Weekly Event (Digital Minimalism)
🔶 Top Remote Jobs of the Week
🔶 Measuring productivity as a developer

The 4 things that happened this week

How can you implement the Undo Feature in your application? Design Patterns are here to the rescue.

The memento design pattern from the GoF book, Design Pattern discussed the challenges and how to undo things from time to time. The challenges which are usually faced with designing such a feature is single responsibility of a class, managing the data structure that does store the data and managing the relationships or collaboration between the classes.

Thanks to GoF, we're able to create such features with an ease. And not just that, design patterns solve such problems with ease.

And deep understanding of design patterns helps learn things like, a particular programming language, framework with ease.

These were some of the points that we discussed, and if you want to be part of the next week's conversations. Join us on discord.

Upcoming Weekly Event

Topic: Getting to know Angular Framework

When 📅: Thursday, 3rd November 2022
⏲: 1530 UTC | 2100 IST
Invite Link for Discord: https://discord.gg/92q23kCad2

Top remote software developer jobs this week

Senior Software Engineer - Frontend at TRM Labs

Location: Global
Company: https://www.linkedin.com/company/trmlabs/
Skills: JavaScript, VueJs, CSS, Webpack, Styled Components

Senior Software Engineer at RECUR

Location: Global
Company: https://www.linkedin.com/company/recurforever/
Skills: SQl, NoSQL, AWS, Python, JS, Node

For top remote dev jobs of the past few weeks, check out this link below 👇

Top 10 remote developer jobs of this week - #036
Fully remote software developer jobs from companies: Spheron, CipherTrace, Iterative, Close, Chain, Atomic, Polygon, Syndica, and Slab.
Latest remote jobs published this week

How can software developers measure productivity?

The unpleasant truth is that there isn't a single metric or approach that works for all developers.

How you evaluate team and individual performance will depend on your workflow, deployment technique, team structure, development environment, software delivery process, and other factors. Read this blog to know more on this.

How developers can measure productivity
Measuring productivity helps you reduce your anxiety and become a better developer. This post covers measuring productivity using deep work time, pull request size, and more.

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