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Git Commit Show

Developer Conference | Online | Since 2019 A fun approach towards growth of developers by Invide, an accelerator for developers. Earlier called git commit sutta.
Git Commit Show

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Highlights - Git Commit Show 2019

Showcasing latest breakthroughs

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Jun 27-28, 2020

Online 1000 km away
Free $ 500
InteractiveOne-way communication
* A non-profit initiative

Or Speak, Volunteer or Partner for GCS 2020

Season 01 : Jun 22-23, 2019
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True human potential is unlocked with inclusion

Git Commit Show is a global initiative promoting equal opportunity for the growth of developers. This conference brings you opportunities to learn, share and connect; completely online, breaking the barriers of huge ticket/travel cost, for more than 4m developers who couldn't have joined .

Git Commit Show is a 2-day action-packed event to showcase these latest developments in tech

A recap of Git Commit Show 2019 and invitation to GCS2020
Past Speakers
Daniel Stenberg

Author & Maintainer of CURL(Since 1999)
Gaurav Nemade

Product Manager at Google AI
Harshita Arora

Young Engineer & Entrepreneur
Sandeep Giri

Founder & AI Advisor @ CloudxLab
Keith Kirkland

Inclusive Technologist, Ted Speaker
Mohit Saxena

Cofounder & Ex-CTO @ InMobi
Saurabh Gupta

Dev Advocate @ Digital Ocean

Want to speak?

Speakers - Git Commit Show 2020

Location: Online *We want this to be completely location independent so that everyone can attend without missing even a tiny fraction of benefits


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Call for proposal

We invite you all to participate in any of the following ways

1. Showcase: Have you built something that you believe is a technological breakthrough? Did you just published a research? Did you work on a side project that showcases the skills that others can learn from? Show it to a live audience of makers like you. More info here
2. Partner: Ever wanted to contribute to the developer community? Partner with us to offer something useful to a curated audience of developers. Examples of value addition from some of the partners: free cloud credits, free coworking space, free books, free swags, etc.
3. Volunteer: Volunteer to join the organizing team and get connected with influencing people/tech-companies.

About Organizing Team

About Invide, developer community
Invide runs world's first accelerator for developers to grow in career and the intellect. Invide started in 2016 as a highly curated invite-only community of developers with strict selection philosophy that brings focus on talent and breaks location barriers. Invide has screened 15000 applications till now with 1.2% acceptance rate.
Contact us at friends at invidelabs dot com for any queries.

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Highlights of Git Commit Show, 2019

Highlights of Git Commit Show, 2019

Full Recordings of Masterclass Sessions (2/7 Available)

Full Recording of Masterclass Sessions (2/7 Available)

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