One article won't be enough to teach this. We are launching a 1 week fast-paced course for entrepreneurs!

Since 2016, at Invide we had a steep learning in how one can successfully build a high-performing tech team in modern context. This course is for hi-tech entrepreneurs who have learned following things which everyone does eventually

  1. Building, managing and retaining a good tech team is tough!
  2. Success in a tech project is almost like a miracle: 7/10 fail!

Although it is scary and sad, we encourage you to look at it as an opportunity. It is tough, which is why if you ace it, it will be your competitive advantage over others.

Why have we put in great efforts in this course?
Because Inviders want to work on projects that can make impact. And we all fear the sentence "Not shipped yet" because

(Huge Project Impact Chances)*(Not Shipped)= 0 Impact

With that thought, we built this course which will step-wise take you through the points of failures in building the winning team and then provide you a mental framework to build your competitive advantage of great team which ships the product.

You can choose how you want to learn
A. Simple email series of 7 emails(Ok, 8 including the preview/intro email).
B. Online webinars

Checkout course content and join here (coupon applied)