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Motivation is an emotion | This week at Invide #39 - Sep 25, 2022

Why feel motivated all the time? Why rely on emotional triggers to perform actions? This week at Invide we're exploring what it means to be productive and why you'll always run-in loops if you'll rely on emotions.
Motivation is an emotion | This week at Invide #39 - Sep 25, 2022
Motivation is an emotion | This week at Invide (Week 39, Sep 22)
“He believes that willpower is not a finite resource but instead acts like an emotion. Just as we don’t “run out” of joy or anger, willpower ebbs and flows in response to what’s happening to us and how we feel.”
Nir Eyal
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Motivation is an emotion | Community Event

One of the most important parts of being productive is feeling to do hard things. Or in terms, of feeling motivated to achieve. Massive willpower is the key to performance. However, long ago there was a study conducted, that stated that willpower is limited. Or that people suffer from ego depletion. That was indeed a jump conclusion (that too, a wrong one).

Once again, it was studied by Carol Dweck, a Stanford Psychologist who stated that ego depletion only occurred in those individuals who believe it so. And once again to state Prof. Michael Inzlicht from the University of Toronto, "Willpower (motivation) is an emotion". Just like all the others out there, anger, anxiety, sadness, happiness. And we don't run out of happiness as the day ends similarly, we don't run out of willpower either.

Now, this brings us to an exciting topic, what's the natural state of the body?

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Should we always be relying on emotional triggers to perform things? Just like we don't feel angry or sad all the time, why should we feel motivated? Can't we just perform the actions that we want to do without relying much on motivation? And this is an interesting part of the study.

Actions lead to emotions, and then emotions make it either easy or difficult to perform certain things. So, in order when we want to feel anger we can think about past experiences where we were faced with injustice. To feel anxious, we can think about the future or watch the news. To feel sad, we can scroll through Instagram or (again) watch the news. So, to feel motivated we can always rely on David Goggins or watch some woo-woo stuff on YouTube.

But the question is, "Why to remain in a state of emotions?"

The best way to deal with is to be in a neutral state and then perform, that requires a paradigm shift and much knowledge. Give me some time and I will present you a blog about it as well. And more content on motivation. Till then we have a lot of things lined up for you.

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