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Are you using Angular for your mini project? | This week at Invide #42 - Oct 16, 2022

Welcome to This Week At Invide. Are you planning on using Angular for your basic to-do application? If, yes then please read this blog before you get started. I'm about to save you from pain.
Are you using Angular  for your mini project? | This week at Invide #42 - Oct 16, 2022
This Week At Invide (Week 42, Oct 22)

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Welcome to This Week At Invide. We're changing the way we present these weekly community updates. So, here's to the future 🥂! Looking forward to more things!

🔶 Are you using Angular Framework to build your mini project?
🔶 Upcoming Weekly Event (Memento Design Pattern)
🔶 Top Remote Jobs of the Week

3 Things that happened this week

Are you using Angular Framework to build your mini project ? | The Angular Framework Meetup

So, you're starting with your new web project and thinking of using the Angular framework by Google. Is it going to be a good choice? Well, it depends on how complex and big that application is going to be.

Angular is usually a Medium to Enterprise level framework that comes with batteries included. It's feature packed with all the tools from routing, redux (NgRx) & more already packed in.

And if you're not going to use that in your application. Then probably it's going to increase in size that's all. It's like purchasing a mini truck for a daily commute. It'll end up consuming more gasoline than necessary, and you probably won't need that extra horsepower, for the home to office, mart, etc. It's the same with Angular.

On top of that, it's a convention-over-configuration framework. This means it's a bit complex at first to start with, compared to other frameworks like React, VueJS, etc.
These were some of the points we discussed, and if you want to be part of the following week's conversations. Join us on our discord at dsc.gg/invide.

Upcoming Weekly Event

Topic: Design Pattern, (Memento Pattern)

When 📅: Thursday, 27th October 2022
⏲: 1530 UTC | 2100 IST
Invite Link for Discord: https://discord.gg/92q23kCad2

Top remote software developer jobs this week

Senior Software Engineer at Consensys

Location: Global
Company: https://www.linkedin.com/company/consensys-software-inc/
Skills: JavaScript, Node, React, TypeScript

Senior Backend Engineer at Collective

Location: Global
Company: https://www.linkedin.com/company/oneteam-platform/
Skills: JavaScript, Node, MongoDB, GO

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Top 10 remote developer jobs of this week - #035
Top remote software developer jobs from companies: CipherTrace, Collective, ConsenSys, AssemblyAI, Iterative, Forem, Atomic, Close, Chain & Hiro Systems

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