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Top tools and tips for developers - #007

The top tools and tips for developer productivity for the week.
Top tools and tips for developers - #007

Save time and get more work done.

These are the top tools and tips of the week for developers to help them stay productive.

Make the most of our productivity tools and tips to become the most efficient developer you can be.

Table of contents:

  • Don't make these mistakes, if you are a developer
  • A productivity tool of the week 💎
  • How a small reward 🏆 after work can boost your productivity
  • A tool for front-end web developers
  • A bonus tip

1. If you are a developer, avoid these blunders.

  • Not considering SEO when building websites.
  • Not adding node modules in the .gitignore folder, while uploading the code on GitHub.
  • Making non-responsive designs.
  • Trusting that the client always knows what he needs.
  • Underestimating the workload.

2. Dev productivity tool of the week - Reclaim.ai

A screenshot of Reclaim.ai

It's a productivity and time-blocking tool. Reclaim is a calendar helper that sets time on your schedule for activities or chores you want to perform.


  • It has a free version available for use
  • We give the app permission to write and deny events on our behalf after we sync it with our email and personal and business calendars.
  • Once you are full, it will stop taking invites or tasks and showcase them to others as well.


  • It can get overwhelming for a few
  • It takes some time to get used to
  • Automatic reshuffling messes up sometimes

3. How a small reward 🏆 after work can boost your productivity

Sponsored by Google Chromebooks
Credits - Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

According to Victor H. Vroom’s theory, people will decide how to behave depending on the outcome they expect from said behavior.

  • For example, a person will work more hours because they anticipate doing so will make them more money.
  • If there is a reward after working for a few hours, we will work harder to get to the reward part asap.

4. A tool for front-end web developers: cssgradient.io

The website displays lovely gradients and gradient patterns for you to utilise on your website.

5. Bonus tip

Credits - Daniel Abrahams / Linkedin

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