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This week at Invide - April edition [Week 16]

This week at Invide - April edition [Week 16]
Designed by Saurabh Rai at Invide with ❤
A roundup of what you (may have) missed in the community this week

Hello fellow developers in Invide community 👋

I'm Saurabh from Invide. How’s it going?

I guess you all are supercharged after last Thursday’s event on “Learning and Working” 🔥

Learning is important if you want to excel in your life. It’s unavoidable. Because things change fast, new technology, new frameworks, new areas of work, and yes increased responsibilities as you grow older. It’s really important to catch up to it all. So, we had our learning session and I know that you know how important learning is.

Anyways, so if you somehow missed the event this week, here’s the summary of the event written by Himanshu telling you in detail what we discussed.

📚 Learning while working 👷‍♀️
(written by Himanshu)

And did you miss our main course 🍝? Top Remote Jobs of the week, please check out this post

💼 Top 10 Remote Jobs of the week 👨‍🏫
(written by Soham)

If you don’t want to miss out on any jobs that we post, I’d recommend you join our Discord Server, right now.

Still, confused🤔 about where to start with? Are you slacking off in your work and want a dose of motivation and boost⚡? Here are some blogs to start with

🔥 Top tools & tips for developers 🔨
(written by Himika)

Building habits for success in life 🌟
(written by Saurabh)

Upcoming event

Topic: Getting started with DevOps & CI/CD
When: Thursday
Where: Discord community lounge

Coming Thursday, we will be having a learning session with the community🎉.
If you’re interested in sharing some ideas and challenges. Come drop by and say “Hello!”

That’s it for today. See you on our Discord Server🙋‍♂.️

Till then, keep working hard. “GREATNESS IS COMING”