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Why this community of developers matters

Learn what handful of developers can do. Invide is on a mission to nurture a global community of top developers who lead and to do that with 100% inclusion

You've probably never heard of the word Invide. You don't even know that Invide is an invite-only community of top developers. Even if you know, you wouldn't care, because

What on earth, handful of developers can do?

You do know answer to this question though. Developers have shaped our lives and will shape our next generations' future. How many times you have googled to find answer to your questions, to make a decision? How many times you talked face 2 face to your friend/family using whatsapp even when you are miles apart? How many times you changed governments using digital ads? I can guess your answer. Well, except for the last one. The answer is too many times to count. Handful of talented developers have changed our lives. Handful of developers have completely changed our lives and the way we interact with everyone. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin or similar people, all of them were developers who led.

Invide is on a mission

Mission to nurture a global community of top developers who lead and to do that with 100% inclusion

A community where your race, religion, family background, sex, where you live or any other absurd reasons do not matter. Things that matter are your knowledge, your ability to create things successfully that impact lives.

This mission can make the world a better place for living. This mission can make number of silicon valleys even in places which we have never heard of. What inspired this mission will help you decide how and why it matters.

Disovering the hidden talent from remote places

I come from a small village in Rajasthan, India.
Here's my story in one breath. I did my schooling from a government school, won some talent hunt programs which covered my education costs, went to study Engineering at IIT Roorkee, graduated, chose to be a software engineer and solve problems through technology, moved to a metro city, worked at startups, started my ventures, had my moments of achievements & failures, committed myself to Invide, all in all I had been lucky to reach where I am today.
Not everyone is lucky

I have met extremely talented people like Harish, Raj & many others who have huge potential but belong to places like I do. Places having lack of resources, network, and opportunities to grow.

My journey helped me see significant talent hidden in these small distant places. Make no mistake, I'm talking about top talent, not the mediocre ones. These people can help make world a better place.

70% of India and almost half of the world lives in non-urban areas

Right now, there's a huge location barrier for them as the most opportunities are available only on a tiny fraction of urban areas(metro cities).

Location barrier is affecting everyone

Building my ventures and interacting with other businesses also helped me see "barriers of location" from an organization's perspective.

Businesses are repeatedly compromising on the quality of talent for not being able to find the right ones.

(I know that's true for tech talent for sure, hence I will talk about that only in this article)
Businesses look for talent in places closest to their offices, mostly in metro cities. They do ask if the talent wishes to relocate near to their office.
Does that mean

  • To grow in career, should we leave our home and move to a more polluted city?
  • Can people who are skilled lesser have a better career just because of their location?
  • Shouldn't I be close to family, not the office?
  • Many people move to San Francisco or Bengaluru or some other Metro city to access the opportunities. What if I don't have enough resources to invest on moving there. Does that put me far behind in the race?

In 2019, this doesn't seem right, neither is it sustainable.
It is a difference of location, not skills which is creating a privileged vs underprivileged situation. This is not only doing injustice to talent but highly reducing chances of success for businesses. This needs to change.

Inclusion for everyone based on skills, not location

It's a fact, there are talented people out there, who do not get quality opportunities because of "location barrier". We need to bridge that gap.

Thanks to the internet and collaboration tools, the world has become a tiny place. We can work together without the constraints of borders. Especially in the engineering field, it is possible to work 100% remotely.

There is one challenge though, that has not been addressed by the existing solutions

How do we succeed in remote work environment?

Invide solves this for talents as well as businesses.
You may have heard of accelerator programs for startups to boost growth, on similar patterns, we created first of its kind

Online accelerator program to boost growth of tech talent

We find those ordinary yet talented people from every corner of the world, bring them on one platform and give them what they deserve

  • Opportunity to boost growth of your own side projects
  • Opportunities to work with high growth startups and visionary leaders
  • Opportunities to work with other talented people
  • An online community where we all can stay connected forever and support each other grow

All without the location barrier

In 2016, we started Invide, a community of these ordinary people who have great technical skills, who value hard work and have leadership qualities. We can see how rapidly the enthusiasm of the community is turning it into a modern cult.

I invite all those ordinary people with deep knowledge and passion for technology. Be a part of our small yet impactful community.
Together, we can make the world a better place to live.
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