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So You Want To Be An Invider? Read This First

My name is Pradeep Sharma.

I’m part of a group of top developers and entrepreneurs you’ve probably never heard of.

We believe in remote work as the future of work, and we are connected globally. We are motivated to be the best and make an impact in this world.

We passionately protest mediocrity and we don’t compromise on quality. People should be judged by their abilities, effort, and achievement and not some absurd reason like location. We are connecting the best out there with the projects that impact lives.

Everything we do, we do working fully remotely and only with the highest of standards.
People tell us that it’s impossible and it is...by their standards. We make it happen every single day. And we do it through the art and science called Invide Labs.

We are Inviders, and this is our story!

Why It All Started

It all started with me wanting to make an impact in the world. You see, we live in a world which moves unmovable boundaries almost daily.

And I knew that if I wanted to make an impact, I needed to find my tribe - a group of highly skilled people, the top 5% of the world in their field. But it wasn’t only about the technical skills, it was about more.

I needed to find people who will be my tribe and my cult - people with a “growth mindset”, an impeccable work ethic, and simply a great attitude towards work & life. So I looked around but couldn’t find those people in my surroundings- but of course, I couldn’t. I only looked at my physical surroundings. I needed to inspect people from all over the world - people who have all of this.

Why should the limit be the physical surroundings? We are living in the internet era where your location is a non-factor. If I wanted the best, I needed to look on every corner of the world.

Can you just imagine the collective power of all of these smart people around the world? I did, and it didn’t just stop at my imagination.

The Standards

We believe in high-standards at Invide Labs and if I wanted to find the best of the best, I needed to have a great screening process.

Because the best talent is out there, it was just about finding it. There is a reason why 68% of all software projects fail and that is the compromise you make with the quality of people who work on the project.

So here is what we did at Invide Labs:

The screening process takes 2-7 weeks to start and then it lasts around 3 weeks. And out of 10 000 applications we had so far, we only had 1.2% acceptance rate. But that 1.2% are all smart, reliable, have strong fundamentals, problem-solving skills and experience building software/apps. These people are at least 3 times more productive than an average developer. And we call them Inviders here.

So what do we do with those highly skilled and productive developers?

We connect the best with the best.


The best people deserve to work on the best projects because that is how we create the biggest impact.

So with our 100% remote work environment, we started focusing only on delivering the biggest value and impact. And that kind of attitude sends a message, a message that immediately pisses some people off, but it also attracts some people. And at Invide Labs, we want people who like and understand this message.

We want people who want the best out there for their projects. People who measure value and impact instead of mere attendance.

Everyone told us that it’s impossible. And it is...by their standards. But here we are, making it happen every single day.

We are passionately fighting mediocrity, are in the top 5% in the world in our field, enjoy life & work and have a “growth mindset.”

Because we are Inviders and this was our story.

Bruno Boksic

Bruno Boksic

Bruno Boksic is the Content Creator Director at Invide Labs. But he is better known as the Class Clown. His current location is a small, heart-shaped country, in the middle of Europe.

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