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Improve your chance of getting hired & more — This week at Invide (May Edition, Week 22)

Improve your chance of getting hired by improving your LinkedIn profile and apply to top remote jobs to get hired. What to know how? Continue reading ...
Improve your chance of getting hired!
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A quick summary of what you may have missed during this week at Invide!

Hello developer!

Job search is exhaustive, especially when you have to write your own resume, update your LinkedIn profile, and list your experience, technical expertise, and projects.

You have to go through job listing websites and search through job descriptions. To find what are the skills in demand these days, and then try to learn & add to your basket of technical knowledge. All of this to just get a chance of getting an email saying, "Your profile has been shortlisted for an interview.".

Sounds like a huge chore ain't it? Don't worry, if you are reading this newsletter, this means you're in good company. Here at Invide, we do all the things just for you.

When you take to join in with us, on the journey to your career mastery. The community at Invide comes together to solve all the above problems.

Don't know how to create the best resume? We got you with resume templates and resume review sessions.

Don't know how to create the best LinkedIn for maximum recruiter discovery? Don't worry, we have LinkedIn Profile review sessions. And you what? We had just one this week. The blog covers all the things members of the community came up with.

LinkedIn profile hacks
> “Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger thetrees.” - J. Willard MarriottThis Thursday (26th May, 2022), we had an awesome discussion during our community Discord event [https://discord.gg…

So, what's the point of updating your LinkedIn profile, if you don't apply to jobs? Don't worry, you can apply to the jobs below right now! These are 100% Remote jobs with global applications open, so you can work from anywhere anytime. Maximum comfort and Work-Life Balance.

Top 10 remote developer jobs of this week - #014
This is the roundup of the fully-remote developer jobs posted in the communitydiscord server [https://discord.gg/QYWNJGfgKp] this week.We verified these jobsto ensure that they are authentic, 100% remote(work from home), and new(postedthis week) 1. Software DeveloperExperience : 3 Years Compa…

Working from home is not just about comfort. While having no one watching your back, we can get a little slouchy at times. Just to make sure that you are on track with your goals and Jira tickets. Here are some top tools and tricks for maximum productivity.

Top tools and tips for developers - #013
Productivity tools and tips for developers. This edition covers a tool for back-end developers, productivity tools, and radio for coders.

Okay now for something extra and special. So, here's a tech talk that aims to guide teams to adopt a culture of speed with quality. And also covers all the current challenges teams face—management, technical, strategy/planning, cultural, etc.

Enabling speed and confidence in software development with testing
A tech talk that aims to guide teams to adopt a culture of speed with quality.

This is all for this week, I hope you will be here next week, and we're planning to host a session on: "Post Lockdown Life of a Software Developer" on Thursday, 1530 UTC on our Discord Server.

Thanks a lot! May the force be with you!