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It works on my machine! Remote jobs and more — This week at Invide (Week 30, July Edition)

Have you ever faced a scenario when your code works on your machine, but it doesn't works on the test/production environment. If the answer is yes then read along for top remote jobs and more ...
It works on my machine! Remote jobs and more — This week at Invide (Week 30, July Edition)
t works on my machine! Remote jobs and more — This week at Invide (Week 30, July Edition)

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Hello Developer!

Today, let's talk about software testing. You're working on your project for days. And finally it works! It works and runs, and you commit the code, deploy it onto the dev server for testing, and suddenly it all comes down collapsing. You have no idea, it works on your machine, but it doesn't work any more. Nothing changed, it was all fine, but later on it all came down. 101 Errors and, 10001 warnings.

Miserable life. But, just to tackle such problems, we had a session on software testing where we discussed some potential areas whereas a developer we can improve our code ahead of time and avoid such setbacks. That is the best way to come up with critical error free code. But you know, just like life. Even then, some bugs can creep into your software, and you might never know! #life_of_a_sofware_developer

But anyways, here's some more quick-bits from the Invide community 👇

Upcoming community discord event

👀: Git Commit Show Seasons 1 to 3 Recap

📅: Thursday, 4th August 2022

⏲: 1530 UTC | 2100 IST

Invite Link for Discord: https://discord.gg/92q23kCad2

This week's top remote software developer jobs are:

Full Stack Engineer at Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

Location:  Worldwide
Skills: React, JavaScript, NodeJS
Company: https://www.linkedin.com/company/krakenfx/

Backend  Engineer at Slab

Location:  Worldwide
Skills: React, TypeScript, Sass, Redis
Company: https://www.linkedin.com/company/slab-inc/

For more opportunities check out this post below 👇

Top 10 remote developer jobs of this week - #023
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How to avoid procrastination while working on your side projects?

Side projects are very important for gaining practical knowledge, improving your resume and showcasing your skills to potential hires. They're essential as they allow us to be innovative in our own way, create something out from scratch and add value to something that exists already.

But then why many of us are not able to learn and work on them as often as we think? Well if you want to find out answers then read the following blog 👇

How to avoid procrastination
8 best ways developers can avoid procrastination and the tools to do so

That's it for this week! See you around!