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Introducing Git Commit Show, remote jobs and dealing with impostor syndrome — This week at Invide (Week 31, Aug Edition)

Learning in public and from senior developers helps us catch our mistakes and improve faster as compared to going solo. Read this edition to know more about impostor syndrome and how to be part of online developers community ...
Introducing Git Commit Show, remote jobs and dealing with impostor syndrome — This week at Invide (Week 31, Aug Edition)
This week at Invide (Week 31, July Edition)

Hello Fellow Developers 👋

Git Commit Show 2019 : When top developers met at the largest online dev conference from their home
A summary of what happened at Git Commit Show, the biggest online developer conference, organized by Invide. Highlights from Jun 22-23, 2019

Take a look at the above 👆 article from Git Commit Show's founder, Pradeep Sharma. And think for a second, what are some benefits one can get from taking part in conferences? Be it virtual or in person. Well, if I were to say, what I learnt from taking part and organizing an online conference:

  • First, it's a tough task that helped me get out of my comfortable zone
  • Talking to people, potential speaker, and collaborating with people to get things done. It is more fun than it sounds
  • Working with like-minded, or even people with different though processes helped me gain new ideas
  • Organizing and managing the conference has helped me see the humane side of people who are at the top of their game. How they prepare their minds before speaking and get ready
  • How committed people are towards their art and how they work to create things they love for the community

And I also believe, networking with professionals, meeting people, opens the doors to new opportunities. It's all about how early you can come out of your comfort zone and into the ocean. Also read the blog below 👇 to know why community of developers matters and why you should be a part of one.

Why this community of developers matters
Should we all move to silicon valley?This question led us to start an accelerator for developers with a mission...

Upcoming community discord event

👀: Creating your developer portfolio

📅: Thursday, 11th August 2022

⏲: 1530 UTC | 2100 IST

Invite Link for Discord: https://discord.gg/92q23kCad2

This week's top remote software developer jobs are:

Senior Software Engineer at Smile.io

Location : Worldwide 🌎
Company: https://www.linkedin.com/company/smile.io/
Skills: REST API, RoR, React, HTML, CSS, Python, Kafka

Senior Software Engineer at Close

Location : Worldwide 🌎
Company: https://www.linkedin.com/company/smile.io/
Skills: REST API, Python, GraphQL

For more opportunities check out this post below 👇

Top 10 remote developer jobs of this week - #024
This is the roundup of the fully-remote developer jobs posted in the community discord server this week.We verified these jobs to ensure that they are authentic, 100% remote(work from home), and new(posted this week) 1. Software Engineer - Backend Experience : 5 Years Company : Close S…

Impostor syndrome, what is it and how to deal with it?

This blog from Invide talks about how to deal with impostor syndrome. Something, that can happen to developers and other professionals very commonly but eventually fades away once they deal with it.  Read the blog to know more about it 👇

How to deal with imposter syndrome - for developers
If you are struggling with imposter syndrome and are looking for ways to overcome it, this blog is for you.

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