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Cogito, ergo sum. Monthly community updates [Aug 2022 Edition]

What actions are you taking to go from thinking to doing? Ever wanted to take in a deep dive to find a community to help you grow mentally, and physically. Well Invide is here for you! Checkout this August Monthly for more information on what's going on in the community.
Cogito, ergo sum. Monthly community updates [Aug 2022 Edition]
Cogito, Ergo Sum. Monthly Community Updates [August'22 Edition]
Dubito ergo cogito, cogito ergo sum.
(I doubt therefore I think, I think therefore I am)
~ René Descartes, The First Principle

Hello Fellow Developers 🙋‍♂️,

Welcome to the monthly updates from Invide Remote Developers Community.

We all think, of things, of dreams, of opportunities, hardships and more. What makes us humans is our thinking, or the way we move from thinking to actions? What actions are you taking to go from thinking to doing? These are the questions we had during August in our community. How to shift from goals & ideas to actions and implementations. And the answers varied for all of us.

Some wanted to dive-in deep with meaning of life, learn a lot of things, get a better job, etc. And it's amazing to have such a positive community that keeps moving ahead, we not only learn from ourselves, but we learn from others. Being a part of the community, you can do all of that. So, here we go 👇

Weekly Discussions we had at Invide 👩‍💻

Technical Writer Fellowship announced

Results announced for the phase 1 of Technical Fellowship Program — This week at Invide (Week 32, Aug Edition)
Results announced for Phase -1 of Technical Writing Fellowship. If you’ve applied please check the blog post, also top remote jobs and how to close in your day by 5 PM and save 7hrs each day.

Introducing Git Commit Show

Introducing Git Commit Show, remote jobs and dealing with impostor syndrome — This week at Invide (Week 31, Aug Edition)
Learning in public and from senior developers helps us catch our mistakes and improve faster as compared to going solo. Read this edition to know more about impostor syndrome and how to be part of online developers community ...

Remote Software Development, and Importance of Software Testing

It works on my machine! Remote jobs and more — This week at Invide (Week 30, July Edition)
Have you ever faced a scenario when your code works on your machine, but it doesn’t works on the test/production environment. If the answer is yes then read along for top remote jobs and more ...

Getting Started with Machine Learning

Get started with machine learning
Explaining Machine Learning with real world examples and getting started with your first ML project. This is a transcript of Git Commit Show 2019 talk.

Self Improvement, what our community likes the most

It's the gift that keeps on giving. On and on! Learn from these amazing blogs by our core team members on how to keep improving and getting ahead of the curve.

What is impostor syndrome and how to deal with it 👇

How to deal with imposter syndrome - for developers
If you are struggling with imposter syndrome and are looking for ways to overcome it, this blog is for you.

Finishing your work quickly and get more personal time 🔥

How to finish work at sharp 5PM every day
How journaling can be used to leave the office or finish WFH at sharp 5 pm every day.

Work but without burning yourself out 👌

How to get more work without BURNING yourself out
What is burnout, how to identify it and how you can deal with it as a developer.

Remote Software Developer Jobs from all around the world

Here are some remote software jobs (blogs) which you can apply to directly

Top 10 remote developer jobs of this week - #027
Remote Software Developer jobs from Slab, Braintrust, Iterative, Chain, Clevertech, Keyko, Strike and Aragon
Top 10 remote developer jobs of this week - #026
Remote Software Developer jobs from companies:Swish Labs, Axoni,Chain, Clevertech, Latoken, Dapper Labs, Hiro Systems, Pyth Network, Slab and Remnote.
Top 10 remote developer jobs of this week - #025
Check out remote work from anywhere software developer jobs from companies Brave, Binance, Strike, FM, Aragon, Chain, Braintrust , Iterative AI, Swish Labs and Superside

Book of the month - Almanack of Naval Ravikant

This book collects and curates Naval’s wisdom from Twitter, Podcasts, and Essays over the past decade covering wealth, mindset and other topics.

Almanack of Naval Ravikant

That's it for this month. Thanks a lot for being part of the journey this far. Remember, Git Commit Show is coming!

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